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Untitled is a multidisciplinary creative studio that transgresses the boundaries between mediums and artistic practices. The studio acts as a creative hub for art directors, interior designers, architects, graphic designers, photographers, artists, writers, vexillologists and creatives working in the creative industries.

For every assignment a made-to-measure creative team is formed according to our project's and clients' needs. This way we manage to reach more closely to the needs of every project and offer more specialized solutions.

Through the years untitled has produced a host of successful projects including interior design for residences, pop-up stores, bars, restaurants, shops and night clubs and restorations in listed monuments. Furniture design and production. Art direction for fashion magazines, book designing and production, exhibitions and more.

Dionysios Dimoulitsas

Project Mykonos Theoxenia creative team:

Portrait by Filep Motwary.jpg
Dionysios Dimoulitsas
Design & Interiors consultant


Tel: +30 6977 614899

BIO-Μπιρμπιλης 2018_edited.jpg
Stelios Birbilis
Michel Lahood
Productions co-ordinator


Tel: +30 6945 987558

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