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Mykonos Theoxenia was designed by the emblematic, internationally acclaimed, Greek modernist architect Aris Konstantinidis.

The hotel was a part of XENIA, a country-wide holiday housing project. Xenia was planned, constructed and run by the Greek Tourist Organisation (EOT). Theoxenia is the second hotel Aris Konstantinidis designed, during his tenure as director of the Xenia program. For the architectural style of this building, Konstantinidis looked to the local architecture of Mykonos, houses, churches,  dry-stone walls and local handicrafts were all referenced, thus differentiating THEOXENIA from other projects. The hotel style is deeply unique and site specific. The architect also designed a furniture collection for the site and included art work by Greek artists. The architect managed to merge the international style with the traditional architecture (one of international style's the greatest taboos). This building is the probably one of the early first examples of the architects signature style.

The building has been declared a protected monument of architectural heritage and there are several architectural and stylistic restrictions.

Mykonos Theoxenia opened to public in 1961. The completion of the proposed renovation is in conjunction with the 60-year anniversary of the hotel.

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