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our approach

Theoxenia was designed by the emblematic, Greek moderninst architect Aris Konstantinidis We propose to restore its original design but in a new visual conversation.


Our architectural suggestions are to restore the building to its original state thus eliminating any alterations done during the last 60 years. At the same time, offering contemporary hotel facilities to the clients by expanding on the design principles in a similar manner to the architectural solutions used 6 decades ago. This way we can fully exploit the architectural importance and identity of the site for publicity and commercial purposes.

Overall, we suggest creating a subtle design dialogue between the building, the furniture, and art. A non-decor, an embedded quality of materials, traditional handicraft techniques, pleasant textures, invisible decoration, relaxed elegance, Mykonian color palette and human proportions, are the main aesthetic tasks we set to ourselves for the interiors, exteriors and decoration of this project.

We are in a position to curate multiiple visitor experiences, according to our client's choices and needs. A case in point is designing a new, made-to-measure, furniture collection for the hotel interiors, site specific. Alternatively we can research Konstantinidis archive for original furniture designs for this project and organize reproduction of the collection, while also recreating ancient Greek furniture designs of everyday furniture, an oeuvre where we find many aesthetic similarities with the architects vision. Otherwise, include pieces by his contemporaries, who share the same design vision and principles.


The building’s heritage, the importance of the architect and the specific site itself make Theoxenia incomparable to anything else on the island. We strongly believe that these attributes can make the hotel a bellwether attracting the eclectic crowd visiting Mykonos.

Our aim is a high-end destination hotel offering a truly unique, Hellenic-Mediterranean modernist experience.

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