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the project



General Description


- Replacement of floors (if permitted by EMNN)

- General renovation of baths including electrical and plumbing installations. 

- Replacement of doors and other wooden surfaces.

- Installation of electronic locks. 

- Balcony door replacement

- Double glazed interior

- Solid wood exterior blinds. 

- Replacement of the mobile and fixed furnishing of the rooms. 

- New curtains, wallpapers, and other decorative items.

- Add private swimming pool in 12 ground floor rooms (if permitted by EMNN). 


Reception Area, Bar & Lounge:

- Replacement of floors (if permitted by EMNN)

- Replacement of balcony doors - Interior with double glazing

- Exterior with solid timber blinds. 

- Manufacture of new reception-decoration furniture. 

- Replacement of living room and other decorative furniture. 

- New decorations, lamps, wallpapers, and more. 

- General renovation of shared WCs including electrical and plumbing installations, with new sanitary ware, accessories and more. 

- Manufacture of new bar bench including the necessary equipment. 



- Floor replacement (if permitted by EMNN)

- General kitchen and restaurant renovation. 

- Dismantling and construction of a new network of electrical and mechanical installations according to the new layout replacement of balcony doors

- Interior with double glazing

- Exterior with solid wood blinds. 

- Replacement of all furniture in both indoor and outdoor catering

- Construction of outdoor shading (improving buffet time). 


Fitness Center-Health Center:

- Replacement of floors (if permitted by EMNN)

- Installation of new air conditioning units. 

- Supply & installation of sauna.

- Supply & installation of steam bath. 

- Supply of new technology fitness equipment

- Replacing the power grid and replacing the lighting. 


- Restoration of concrete and stone walls. 

- Waterproofing of all roofs. 

- Replacement of outdoor furniture

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